Urgent Urbanity

    • Klubben

    • Client: Samfundet
    • Location : Trondheim (NO)
    • Program : Bar (1st Prize Competition)
    • M2 :
    • Date : 2010
    • Team : Mario Vahos, Jørgen Skatland, Samfundet
    • Pictures: Pasi Aalto +Samfundet (fotogjengen)

    The tranformation of ́Klubben creates an attractive venue for multi-functional events in a  ̈garden party ̈-like atmosphere. The flexiblity and durability of the venue are reflected through the circulation patterns defined by the strategic location of the bar, as well as the conscious use of materials. The new ́Klubben ́ allows all types of events, even those with high levels of volume. The new high-performance acoustic wall, covered by perforated metal sheets, absorbs sound waves as well as it reflects light. The wooden blinds in the window frames have replaced the dusty curtains and improve daylight control through its simple mechanical system. The lighting plan consists of 60 evenly distributed hanging light bulbs which can be controlled by areas, allowing maximum flexibility for events. This solution allow us to remove the secondary ligthing system. The furniture features moveable tables for the sound system as well as benches made out of industrial palettes